Deep Sea Diver

We were deep sea divers on another man’s planet.

 – Angel Haze

Don’t you just feel like you were born into the wrong body? Like you exist in a time that you shouldn’t be in.


I feel like I don’t belong in this realm where everything is full of sorrow and death. I’m looking for something that doesn’t really exist in this world. Maybe I was supposed to be born in Mars. Who knows? Maybe something went wrong.

Do you feel like you don’t fit in any of the category that exists? You try to blend in but you are just too different to mix in. Don’t feel bad or ashamed. I feel that way too. I don’t belong here but there is nothing I can do to change reality other than to learn to live with it.


“I call us the deep sea divers. We are exploring in a land that doesn’t belong to us. Even though we don’t really feel comfortable or welcome, we learn how to cope and some of us manage to find the gold among all the dirt.”


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