A LGBT+ Friendly World

The LGBT+ community has been around for a long time now but they’ve just recently come out to take a stand for their rights. Just like everything else in this world, the LGBT+ community is growing more and more with every day that goes by. And as more people join the community, more become victims to violence. They are being attacked by homophobic people.

“Many queer lives have been lost because they exist and live in a homophobic society.”

They are being cursed at and publicly humiliated because of their sexuality, because of the way they chose to live their lives. Plenty of the people who are involved in this specific subject feel unsafe and they, we, are sick of having it this way.


Just like people of color are being oppressed, homosexuals are being too. If they are openly gay or bisexual, there is a great chance that they won’t get accepted to that job that they applied for. They are even bullied and treated like dirt by friends and family.

The world today is more open-minded, compared to a few centuries back. Still, this doesn’t change the fact that there are still people who are against LGBT+ folks. To them, it is unnatural for a woman to have a female partner of a man to have a male significant other but it is just as natural as two people of the opposite sex being in a relationship. For them, it is an abomination for a born male to transform himself into a woman or vice versa. But really, your sex organs aren’t the only things that defines your identity as a man or a woman. There are people who don’t want to be either of the two. Just because I own a vagina doesn’t mean I feel like a woman on the inside.

I know that there are a lot of people who try to understand this and that is a great thing but we need more open-minded people. We want to be open about who we are and still feel safe. We need people to understand that love is love no matter which sexes are involved. And most importantly, we need the world to understand that being queer isn’t a disease. There is no need to avoid us. We are still people just like everybody else.

I understand that some people feel hostile towards the LGBT+ community because they don’t understand it. They don’t understand because they grew or are growing up in a homophobic society. Parents try to keep their children away from queer people because they are perceived as sinful and corrupt.


“Queer people aren’t corrupt. The government is.”

If only there are more shows and movies that could give the world an in-depth look into the LGBT+ world then maybe they might understand us more. Since people tend to draw themselves away from things they are unfamiliar with, we could have schools educate children and even parents about the LGBT+ community.

“If something scares, learn more about it. Don’t run from it.”

Everybody would be much happier in a LGBT+ friendly world. Queer people won’t have to hide their identities because closets are for clothes anyways. Heterosexual people would feel more relaxed because they won’t have to “protect” their children from queer people.


“You can’t really hide from us. We are pretty much everywhere.”



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