Boys will be boys

“Boys will be boys.”

Hell no. Enough with that bullshit.

I hear of schools that have dress codes for girls because “they don’t want the male students to get distracted because boys will be boys“.

What exactly is that supposed to mean? Why must we have to hide ourselves from them? Why can’t they just learn to keep their dicks in their pants?

Wait. I have the answer to that. Because they are being pampered by the society with the boys will be boys bullshit.

For far too long, women have been oppressed by men and even till this day, there’s not much that’s been done this issue. When we mention how unsafe we feel when we are walking outside, whether in broad daylight or late at night. The men always go into the defensive mode. When a girl has been a victim to rape, they blame her for showing off her skin. I’m sorry but I want to be able to walk in my shorts during the summer.

Okay. They say that it is because she dressed in a provoking manner but what about the woman in Israel and other Muslim countries that are covered from head to toe. How exactly did they dress provocatively?

People come up with these dumb things to justify things that shouldn’t even be justified because they are just plain wrong.

And don’t you people come with the “not all men” shit with me. Saying that not all men are pure evil will only give people more excuse not to go anything about the problem. Don’t just say that not all men are like that. Show me because action speaks louder than words.



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