“I am beautiful just the way I am.”

I’ve always felt insecure about my appearance about my appearance. I was even bullied for it at a point. That has all changed. The insecurity is still here but I have learnt to push it down. I remember telling my bully to shut the fuck up and start doing something better with his life. I don’t know where I got that courage from. But I know that I was fed up with his bullshit.

I remember spending minutes, if not hours, in front of my mirror. I would re-style my hair over and over again. I spent an hour drawing the perfect winged eyeliner. I checked my teeth over and over again. My clothes had to look great. I had to look perfect.


Just one day, I snapped. Why was I letting them decide how I should look? Why should I alter myself to please others? I looked into my mirror and saw my mother’s face. She is one hell of a beauty. I smiled at my reflection and the one thought that went through my head at that moment was “I am beautiful.”

I wiped the makeup off, I put my hair up and I wore clothes that I could breath in. They made their nasty comments when I walked into class but I straight up told them to shut up.

“You don’t own me. Nobody does. This is my body and I will treat it with the care that it deserves. You don’t own me.”

What I am trying to say is, nobody owns you. It is your own body and nobody has the right to decide how you treat it. Don’t let the hurtful words get too deep inside. Just because you don’t fit in their category of good-looking doesn’t mean that you aren’t beautiful. And besides, people will be people and will always judge. So why not just do what you please and what makes you feel good if they will have something to say anyway?

“Be yourself because you are one hella beautiful person. Don’t forget to tell yourself that.”


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