I Bet You Wish

“I bet you wish that you had kept me… But now you’re falling on your front teeth.”


I don’t quite understand why we never learn to value what we have until it’s all gone.

Why did you take me for granted? You never saw me, did you? I was just the person you came to when you needed something. Yeah, you used me. I was so blind that I became the frog in boiling water. I’m so happy that water didn’t cook me up because I got out just in time. I have you to thank for that. You pinched me and now I’m awake from my daydream.

I won’t say your words didn’t hurt me because they did. You were really cruel. I thought that we were good but that was just my pathetic daydream. All the words you said… You made me feel worse and now I bet you wish you could reverse. What am I saying? You don’t regret your actions because you are never at fault. I’m pretty sad for you and as a formal friend, I worry for you. But I can’t do that anymore. I won’t have anything to do with you anymore like you told me to. This is goodbye, friend.

I burnt it and now it’s all gone

Was I even ever you friend? It doesn’t matter anymore because everything is gone. For you I have nothing, absolutely nothing. It’s all gone. You wish we had something, we got nothing. But It’s all gone.



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  1. i love this you are talented with your writing. you inspire my writing so now i want ppl to read my work but maybe one day ill work up the courage to put one up


  2. Reblogged this on Fighting to find Meek and commented:
    love this shes amazing ! this actually touches my heart


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