Fans, Be Realistic

I just want to address this topic so bad that if I don’t, I might have an anxiety attack…

On April 1st, a dating News came out and apparently, Kai from the K-pop group Exo is dating Krystal from F(x), another K-pop group. These two are housed under the same Entertainment named, SM Entertainment.

Okay, I don’t really know if this is just an April Fools prank or if it’s really true but Jesus Christ, some fans has got to chill. I’ve seen very positive comments and that is a very wonderful thing but I’m not going to praise those fans for being open-minded and supportive. You don’t praise a person for having common sense. Seriously.

Of course there are those butt-hurt fans. Fine. I get it. They are hurt and shit but seriously though. He is a grown man and she is a grown woman and the last time I checked, the fans don’t decide over their private lives.

in case you don’t understand what being a fan means, it means that you are supportive of them. You can accept who they are, on and off stage. I’m saying you should go defending them if they’ve committed a crime and they are guilty of it. But that doesn’t mean you have to abandon them completely. I don’t know.

I just want these fans to understand that these artists are people with feelings too. Just because they appear on several television shows doesn’t mean they are any more or less special than us who’ve never been in front of any sort of camera. Just like you, they have their own needs too and I need them to understand it. I get that many are hurt, I was too. But that doesn’t mean I have a say in what they do with their lives. I know for sure that I won’t let anyone to decide how I should live my life.

They are human beings so treat them like one. Treat them like how you’d like to be treated. Support them. I honestly don’t understand how you can hate on those two. Kaisoo is my otp but I don’t even have the heart to hate on Kaistal. Krystal is the cutest person ever and I’m happy she ended up with Kai because that boy is a real gentleman.


They are Peter Pan and we are Tinkerbell. They will find their Wendy and we, just like Tinkerbell, will watch from afar.


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