Do You

“I want to be a normal kid. I want to be like everyone else.”

I hear people whine about how they want to be like that girl they saw at the mall. Or they want a life similar to the one a certain singer. I see the look I get whenever I go out with my purple braids and different looking clothes.

I’m so confused. What’s perceived as normal today? Why is everyone wanting to be normal? What’s so special about being normal?

No matter what you do. No matter what you say and no matter how you dress, you will always be judged so why not just get judged while being yourself? Normal is too overrated and I know that I’m not alone about this.

How mundane wouldn’t be to be just like everyone else. What about the everyone’s unique saying? What’s going to happen with that?


Stop giving a shit about what everyone else think. Just do you!


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