Odd Ones

“Stop being so fucking ignorant and see what’s in front of you.”

When you are depressed, they tell you to stop being so dramatic and get the hell up. Only a person in the same boat can somewhat understand you. But why can’t people just try to understand us teenagers?

“Don’t blame our depression on hormones!”

This has been going around for years and for hell’s sake it’s true. Teenagers are the most misunderstood people on the planet. We don’t fit in anywhere. We are expected to act like adults but are told to sit down and keep our mouths shut because we are still children.

This is very mindfucking to me. Like can you please explain to me so I know what’s going on? How are we supposed to act? When are we allowed to speak? When is it okay to feel?


Can’t we just for once feel included, accepted, understood? Is it really too much of us to ask? Why are we been pushed down by society? Why are we looked upon as the odd ones? Weren’t you a teenager too? It’s nothing odd right?

We are not odd people. We are just people. Okay?



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