Are We Alike?

Are those who walk alone like me?

Taeyeon: Girls’ Generation

Is it just me or whenever you walk on the streets, don’t you just look at people and wonder what their lives are like? “What is going on inside their heads?” “Are they like me?”

“Is it just really me?”

We can’t really know about a person just by their outer appearance, eyes or by the way they dress. Only when you get to know someone on a personal level, that’s the only time we can acceptably say “I know who and how they are.” And sometimes, not even after that can we describe a person.

This may be why people catch my attention. Even if I may not be very fond of being around them, they interest me. “What are you thinking?” “Are you like me?” These questions run through my head over and over again and they always remain unanswered. You can never know what a person is thinking until the individual his/herself tells you.

And I never know because I never fucking ask. Why should I even? It’s their business. Not mine. But yet I still find myself being drawn to people. I want to learn more about them. I want to know how they work. But what will I do with these information?

“Break them just like they broke me?”

No. I won’t be like them.

I want to be me.



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