It Was Never My Intention

Honestly, I’ve said and done some pretty dumb sh*t and I’ve hurt many people but really… It was never my intention. 

First time is an accident. Second time is an experiment. Third time is an addiction.

That quote fits very well in my case. I don’t mean to act the way I do. I don’t want to hurt anyone but sometimes, I just can’t help myself. It’s like I lose all control and my mouth starts running wildly.

This might sound odd but it’s the truth. I can’t control the anger inside me. I think I can live with it. But one thing that I can not accept is me hurting the people I care about. I admit that I take my anger out on innocent people but really… It was never my intention.

It’s become an addiction that I can’t stop.

I’m always close to finding a contradiction but right at the end of it all, I fall apart and I’m back at level one.

For those people who I’ve hurt, I sincerely want to apologize. If I could go back in time and try to avoid that moment, I would do it. But since that’s not how things work, we’ll have to live with what have happened. Put the blame on me, I’ll take it.


“I’m sorry. It was never my intention.”



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